Flexi-bar Swing Stick
Flexi-bar Swing Stick
Flexi-bar Swing Stick
Flexi-bar Swing Stick
Flexi-bar Swing Stick

Flexi-bar Swing Stick

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Flexi-bar Swing Stick

Flexi-Bar is a flexible and low-impact workout that will help to strengthen and shape your whole body. With the Flexi-Bar, you work out while using vibration training techniques that have proven to increase strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.

It is applicable to assemble as handles on Space Walker-Generation 2. 



  • Edible and environmentally-friendly material
  • Detachable TPR quaky weights 
  • High-quality anti-burst glass fiber rod
  • With Flexi-bar Swing Stick, you can train your whole-body deep muscle tissue and get your body in shape with just one rob.
  • An effective workout that awakes 99% percent of whole-body deep muscle tissues
  • More than 300 shocks per minute allow the bar to reach to the deep muscles in the abs, shoulder, arms and many more muscles that are usually less-trained
  • Edible rubber grip
  • High-quality, sustainable and environmental-friendly anti-burst glass fiber rod
  • Removable and adjustable high-intensity TPR tremor weights
  • Scientific and effective workouts to build the defined muscles: shoulder, arms, chest, and abs
  • No assembling is needed.



Length: 160 cm 

Weight: 0.2 kg x 2

Grip material: edible rubber

Rob material: anti-break glass fiber

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