1M6SPACE gives freedom to get fit in your own way.

1M6SPACE strives to provide stylish home training equipment to transform your spare home space into a flexible home gym.

Our portable and foldable equipment allow you to set up and move around your fitness centre anywhere you want. Featuring eco-friendly and space-saving, the modern minimalist idea embeds in every product design which makes our products fit into every home. That’s our philosophy— minimalist and seek for the best outcome.

NO more gym membership wasted in regret. Get one and train for a lifetime.
NO more restriction of gym opening hours. Work out anytime at your convenience.
NO more hesitation going out in the raining days. Bring fitness under your own control.
Imagine the positive vibes you’ll build with your family and friends, and the quality time spent getting fit together. You’ll be in awe of your achievements.

How you spend your day determines how you live your whole life.

Work out easy, live better. Kickstart your fitness plan NOW.

Get your home gym set up at 1M6SPACE.
Call us at +61 491 664 099, or email us at cs.1m6space@outlook.com for professional advices on choosing your home gym essentials.

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