Orders will be processed after the entire order value inclusive of GST has been paid in full.

Prices for Products change from time to time and we do not provide any notice of these changes. Subject to these terms and conditions, once we have accepted your order, we will not amend any prices that applies to the Products in that order.

1M6 Space may reject all or any part of your order, or restrict the quantity of special goods without liability to you for that rejection if:

  • a Product in that order is discontinued and not on order;
  • there is an error in the price or the description of the Product posted on the Site;
  • the order triggers fraud prevention protocols; or
  • we believe that to do so is otherwise necessary or expedient.


1M6 Space will not allow discounts to be entered after an order has been placed online and finalised. Promotional discounts need to be used at point of purchase.

All purchase orders must be finalised and paid in full prior to confirmation of delivery or collection.

The estimated lead-time of product(s) is an approximation only and is subject to change

It is the responsibility of the customer to check all item(s) prior to collection from the warehouse/store/external courier and by signing our document, you have declared all items have been checked and collected in good condition. 



  1. Definitions

 In this warranty:

ACL means Australian Consumer Law.

1M6 Space means Aus-Oriental care Pty Ltd  ACN 625 252 048 of 1509/8 Kavanagh Street, Southbank 3006.

Product(s) means a 1M6 Space product sold by 1M6 Space from time to time.

Purchaser means the purchaser of a Product from 1M6 Space.

Warranty Period means (unless otherwise stated) 1 year from the date of purchase of the Product.


  1. Defects Liability

1M6 SPACE warrants to the Purchaser that the Products will be free from faulty design, material and workmanship during the Warranty Period provided always that:

(a) such Products have been properly handled and used under normal operating conditions and have been maintained in accordance with 1M6 SPACE’s operating manuals and instructions;

(b) such defects are not caused by incorrect use of operating material or faulty civil or mechanical work, unsuitable environmental conditions or other chemical, electrochemical and/or electrical influences which have not been provided for in any supply contract or 1M6 SPACE’s operating manuals and instructions;

(c) the defects do not result from the use of a design specified by the Purchaser;

(d) the Purchaser promptly notifies 1M6 SPACE in writing when the alleged defect occurs;

(e) the Purchaser has fulfilled the Purchaser’s contractual obligations;

(f) such defects do not result from unauthorised repairs, work undertaken by an unqualified person or alterations to the Products;

(g) such defects are not caused by the use of equipment and/or materials supplied by the Purchaser;

 (i) 1M6 SPACE shall not be obliged to repair defects due to fair wear and tear, improper storage, excessive heating, inadequate ventilation, mechanical vibration, overloading or contravention of the rules established in standard electrical practice;

(k) this Warranty is subject to the manufacturer’s specific restrictions and conditions (if any).


  1. Making Claims

To claim under this Warranty you must:

(a) in respect of any Product which is defective in materials or performance at the time of delivery:

        (i)  report visible damage and shortages to the carrier and to 1M6 SPACE within 24 hours after delivery;  

        (ii) report concealed damage or shortages involving cartons or packages received intact to 1M6 SPACE within 7 days after receipt, failing which the shipment shall be deemed accepted;

(b)  in all other cases, promptly notify 1M6 SPACE when the defect occurs.


Claims must be made through the 1M6 SPACE office from which Products were purchased or ordered.


  1. Repair or Replacement

(a) Where any defects of the type referred to in clause 2 arise during the Warranty Period, 1M6 SPACE will at its option:

        (i) make good the defect by repairing or replacing the Products or suppling replacement Products;

        (ii) replace the Products or suppling equivalent Products as replacement Products; or

        (iii) pay the cost of replacing or acquiring Products; or

        (iv)  pay to repair the Products; or

        (v) supply the service again; or

        (vi) pay the costs of that service;

(b) Any credits provided by 1M6 SPACE for defective Products will be based upon the original purchase price of the Products charged to the Purchaser.


  1. Return of Defective Product or Parts

Returns or exchanged based on dissatisfaction or change of mind is not permitted. If the Purchaser makes a claim in accordance with clause 3 of an alleged defect which cannot be rectified onsite, the Purchaser shall if 1M6 SPACE so requires promptly, return the defective Product to 1M6 SPACE for repair.  Where the Warranty in clause 2 applies, 1M6 SPACE shall remove the defective part(s) and install new, repaired or replacement part(s) at its own expense and all removed defective part(s) which shall become the property of 1M6 SPACE upon their removal.  


Delivery of defective Products (of the type referred to in clause 2) as directed by 1M6 SPACE or the return of new, repaired or replacement Products to the Purchaser shall be at 1M6 SPACE’s expense and risk.  Returned Product may also be subject to a re-stocking fee of up to 10% of the original purchase price. Re-stocking fee includes labour, checking and repackaging of items, administration time and costs for issue of refund, cancellation of order etc. All products must be returned in the original, unmarked packaging, including any accessories, manuals, power leads and documentation shipped with the product.  


            If the Purchaser is a “Consumer” under the ACL:

 (a) our Products come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under the ACL.  You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.  You are also entitled to have the Products repaired or replaced if the Products fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure;

 (b) but if the Products or services supplied are respectively not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption:

         (i) then the Purchaser’s rights shall be governed by the provisions of the ACL or any such other federal, state or territory laws of Australia to the extent that such liability may not be excluded by express agreement;

         (ii)  any claim for compensation is limited to:

                (1) replacing the Product;

                (2) repairing the Product;

                (3) payment of the cost of replacing the Product; or

                (4) payment of the cost of having the Product repaired;

                 at the election of 1M6 SPACE.

 The benefits to the Purchaser given by this Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies available to the Purchaser under the ACL or any other relevant law.


  1. Limitation of Liability

Other than as specified in clause 5, 1M6 SPACE shall not be under any liability whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any injury, damage or loss including indirect and consequential loss or damage or loss of profit or revenue arising out of or in connection with breach of Warranty (including any work performed under it), breach of contract, negligence or otherwise.


  1. Product Updates

Information relating to 1M6 SPACE’s Products can be found on the 1M6 SPACE website